Websites Like Obscurify

Spotify Wrapped season may be the most exciting time of year for music lovers to revisit their listening habits, but what if you want a deeper dive into your music taste all year round? That’s where Obscurify shines. This unique website analyzes your Spotify data to reveal how niche (or mainstream) your music preferences are.

Websites Like Obscurify

But Obscurify isn’t the only tool in the music analysis toolbox. Let’s explore some fantastic alternatives that offer new insights and fun ways to interact with your listening history.

Why Go Beyond Obscurify?

  • Different Perspectives: While Obscurify focuses primarily on how obscure your taste is, other websites offer alternative metrics. Some might analyze your music’s mood, and energy levels, or even generate personality assessments based on your musical choices.
  • More Granular Data: Many Obscurify-like sites break down your listening habits in incredible detail. You can discover your top artists within specific timeframes, pinpoint your most-loved niche genres, and even create customized playlists based on your analysis.
  • Entertainment Factor: Some of these websites are just plain fun! You can get roasted for your questionable music choices, find your musical soulmate, or turn your top songs into a grocery list receipt.

The Best Websites Like Obscurify

  • Stats For Spotify: If you simply want in-depth statistics on your Spotify listening habits, Stats For Spotify is a powerhouse. Get detailed breakdowns of your top tracks, artists, and genres across various time frames (last 4 weeks, 6 months, all time), presented in a clean and accessible interface.
  • How Bad Is Your Spotify: Prepare to be playfully judged! This AI-powered website will ruthlessly (and hilariously) analyze your Spotify library and generate a snarky report card telling you exactly where your taste falls short. Don’t take it personally – it’s all in good fun.
  • MusicTaste.Space: Discover music soulmates and see how compatible your taste is with friends or even strangers. MusicTaste.Space gives you a shareable code. The more people compare their taste against yours, the more accurate your individual “obscurity score” becomes, revealing how unique your musical preferences are.
  • Discover Quickly: Streamline the process of finding new music with Discover Quickly. This platform presents snippets of songs based on your Spotify history and lets you quickly add favorites to a dedicated playlist, optimizing your discovery sessions.
  • Receiptify: Turn your top tracks into a quirky grocery store receipt! Receiptify is a viral hit for its novelty factor, but it also helps you visualize the frequency with which you listen to certain songs or artists.

Additional Fun Tools for Analyzing Your Music

  • Zodiac Affinity: Ever wonder if your astrological sign influences your music taste? Zodiac Affinity playfully analyzes the connection, even generating playlists tailored to your star sign.
  • Setify: Create stunning visual representations of your music preferences in the form of festival lineups, city maps, and more.
  • Musictaste.Space: Find music soulmates and see how compatible your taste is with friends or even strangers.


The beauty of these Obscurify-like websites is that they turn your listening data into something tangible and even entertaining. Whether you’re looking for deep analysis, playful roasting, or new music recommendations, there’s a tool out there for you.

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