Obscurify Music

What Is Obscurify Music

Obscurify Music is a free web app aimed at providing Spotify users with a more detailed understanding of their music consumption patterns. With the help of Spotify’s Web API, it examines a user’s listening history to give a detailed summary of their top genres, artists, and songs. It is not just a set of numbers but provides an exclusive ‘obscurity rating’ that quantifies how mainstream or niche a user’s music taste is compared to the others.

How Does Obscurify Music Work?

When you sign in with your Spotify account, Obscurify gets your listening data and starts to analyze it. It computes your obscurity score by matching your music selection with other users’ music choices, which highlights less-known artists and tracks to come up with your score. Further, it analyses the mood and the energy levels of the music you listen to, giving a deeper insight into playing tendencies.

Why Analyze Your Music Taste with Obscurify?

Obscurify appeals to music enthusiasts curious to understand how their listening habits compare to mainstream trends.

Measuring your obscurity plays into that hidden hipster’s love of supporting indie artists. It is very affirming to see niche acts and experimental genres well represented in your data.

The mood analysis, in the meantime, offers an interesting glimpse into your musical soul – do you love dark and romantic ballads or feel-good anthems?

It is equally fascinating to visualize your preferred decades. Do you have a taste that covers years or you are fixed on the current hits? This journey through the soundtrack of your life represents a look at your musical growth.

This decade discovery is more than self-discovery, it engages in music conversations and unites fans over obscure things they all enjoy.

Using Obscurify Music: Step-By-Step

Ready to learn your obscurity rating? Getting set up with this app only takes a minute.

Step 1: Visit the Obscurify site.

Step 2: Click “Log in with Spotify” and enter your Spotify login credentials

Step 3: Accept the permissions pop-up to connect Obscurify to your Spotify profile

Step 4: Voila! Your obscurity rating and musical analysis will automatically generate

Step 5: Scroll down to explore your top genres, most obscure tracks, mood breakdown, favorite decades, and more

Step 6 (Optional): Share your profile with friends and get new music recommendations

And that’s all there is to it! You can now gain fascinating insight into your unique music taste and see how you compare to the average listener.

How It Compares to Spotify Wrapped

While Spotify Wrapped provides a retrospective roundup of your yearly listening, Obscurify Music offers a more extensive and customizable analysis.

You can access your data anytime instead of waiting for the annual Wrapped unveiling. Filters also allow you to view obscurity over different time frames like your all-time stats or just the past month.

In addition, Wrapped mainly is about volume, your favorite artists, and most streamed tracks. This app uses a qualitative methodology, as it measures the niche attraction of your music catalog to the overall listening habits.

However, statistics on listening are presented by Wrapped which shows the total minutes listened and the variety of genres sampled. Hence, Obscurify Music is an adjunct to Wrapped which exposes dimensions more than just listening amount.


In wrapping up, Obscurify Music greatly benefits people who love Spotify and wish to dig deeper into what they listen to. If you are a fan of your special playlist blend or just like discovering what the music you like means, you will likely get a kick out of this app.

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