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Are you a Spotify user eager to discover the uncharted territories of your musical landscape? Enter Obscurify Music, the innovative web application that transforms your listening habits into a roadmap of melodious self-discovery.

Developed by the visionary duo, Alex Olivero and Nirmal Patel, Obscurify Music isn’t just another analytical tool; it’s a unique journey into the heart of your music library. In a world where streaming services spoon-feed us the latest hits, Obscurify empowers you to uncover the gems hidden in your playlist and reveals just how eclectic your tastes are.

What is Obscurify Music?

What Is Obscurify Music

Obscurify Music is a free web application developed by Alex Olivero and Nirmal Patel. It is designed to give Spotify users a deeper insight into their music listening habits. By leveraging Spotify’s Web API, Obscurify analyzes a user’s listening history to provide a comprehensive breakdown of their top genres, artists, and tracks. It goes beyond mere statistics by offering a unique ‘obscurity rating,’ which quantifies how mainstream or niche a user’s music taste is compared to others.

How Does Obscurify Music Work?

Upon logging in with your Spotify account, Obscurify accesses your listening data and begins its analysis. It calculates your obscurity rating by comparing your music choices with those of other users, focusing on lesser-known artists and tracks to determine your score. Additionally, it evaluates the mood and energy levels of your music, providing a more nuanced understanding of your listening habits.

Why Analyze Your Music Taste with Obscurify?

Obscurify appeals to music enthusiasts curious to understand how their listening habits compare to mainstream trends.

Quantifying your obscurity taps into that inner hipster pride of championing underground artists. It can be validating to see niche bands and experimental genres strongly represented in your data.

The mood analysis also provides a fascinating insight into your musical psyche – are you drawn to dark and brooding ballads or feel-good pop anthems?

Seeing your favorite decades visualized is equally intriguing. Does your taste span eras or do you strictly stick to current hits? This time travel through the soundtrack of your life offers a glimpse into your musical maturation.

Obscurify decade analysis is beyond self-discovery, Obscurify facilitates music discussions and bonds fans over shared obscure interests.

Using Obscurify Music: Step-By-Step

Ready to learn your obscurity rating? Getting set up with Obscurify only takes a minute.

Step 1: Visit the Obscurify site.

Step 2: Click “Log in with Spotify” and enter your Spotify login credentials

Step 3: Accept the permissions pop-up to connect Obscurify to your Spotify profile

Step 4: Voila! Your obscurity rating and musical analysis will automatically generate

Step 5: Scroll down to explore your top genres, most obscure tracks, mood breakdown, favorite decades, and more

Step 6 (Optional): Share your profile with friends and get new music recommendations

And that’s all there is to it! You can now gain fascinating insight into your unique music taste and see how you compare to the average listener.

How Obscurify Music Compares to Spotify Wrapped

While Spotify Wrapped provides a retrospective roundup of your yearly listening, Obscurify offers a more extensive and customizable analysis.

You can access your data anytime instead of waiting for the annual Wrapped unveiling. Filters also allow you to view obscurity over different time frames like your all-time stats or just the past month.

Additionally, Wrapped predominantly focuses on volume – your top artists and most streamed tracks. Obscurify takes a qualitative approach by evaluating the niche appeal of your catalog against collective listening trends.

However, Wrapped provides useful streaming statistics like total minutes listened and many genres sampled. So Obscurify should be seen as a supplement to Wrapped, revealing dimensions beyond pure listening quantity.


In wrapping up, Obscurify Music really shines as a tool for Spotify fans who want to go deeper into what they listen to. If you love your unique playlist mix or just like learning about what your music choices mean, you’ll probably enjoy Obscurify. It doesn’t matter if you’re super into music or just like finding out cool things about the songs you play — Obscurify gives you fresh insights into your personal musical style.

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