Obscurify Apple Music

Music lovers always crave a deeper understanding of their tastes. Tools like Obscurify for Spotify make it fun to analyze just how unique your listening habits are. However, many Apple Music users are interested in whether they can use Obscurify with their service of choice. Let’s delve into the world of Obscurify Apple Music.

Obscurify’s Compatibility with Apple Music

Obscurify Apple Music

As of now, Obscurify does not support Apple Music. This limitation is due to the differences in the APIs provided by Spotify and Apple Music. Spotify’s API offers extensive data that services like Obscurify can use to analyze music listening habits and provide detailed insights. Unfortunately, Apple Music’s API does not offer the same level of information, such as the popularity rating of all artists and tracks, which is crucial for Obscurify’s functionality.

Don’t Despair: Alternatives for Apple Music Users

While you won’t get that precise “Obscurity” rating, you still have valuable options to analyze your Apple Music habits:

  • Apple Music Replay: This Apple-native feature offers a fantastic year-end (and now year-round) summary. See your top artists, songs, albums, and listening time. Access personalized Replay playlists for a nostalgic trip through your favorites. Although it doesn’t offer an obscurity score, it’s a starting point for users to reflect on their listening habits
  • Last.fm: This classic music tracking site “scrobbles” (tracks) your Apple Music plays. Get detailed stats, discover similar artists, and connect with a community of music fans just like you.
  • Music Discovery Features: Apple Music includes several built-in features aimed at music discovery. The platform’s curated playlists, radio shows, and the “For You” section suggest new music based on users’ listening habits and preferences8.
  • Social Sharing: Although Apple Music’s social features are not as developed as Spotify’s, users can still share playlists with friends and see what others are listening to. This can be a way to discover new music through social circles


For Apple Music users looking for an experience similar to Obscurify, the options are somewhat limited. The platform’s API restrictions mean that third-party services cannot provide the same depth of analysis as they can with Spotify. However, Apple Music’s own Replay feature offers some level of insight into users’ listening preferences.

Apple Music users who are interested in detailed analytics and music discovery may hope for future updates to the service’s API that could enable more advanced features similar to those offered by Obscurify for Spotify. Until then, they can utilize the available tools to get a glimpse into their music listening trends and discover new music.

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