Obscurify Spotify

Obscurify Spotify is a fascinating tool for Spotify users who are curious about how their music taste compares to others. Developed by Alex Olivero and Nirmal Patel, Obscurify Spotify is not just another music analytics tool; it offers a unique perspective on your music preferences by analyzing your Spotify listening history and providing insights that are both intriguing and revealing.

What is Obscurify Spotify?

Obscurify Spotify

Obscurify Spotify is a free web application designed to give you in-depth insights into your Spotify listening history. Here’s what it does:

  • Evaluate Your Obscurity Score: The centerpiece of the Obscurify Spotify experience is your Obscurity score. This rating tells you how obscure your taste is compared to other Spotify users. A higher score indicates a love for rare finds, and a lower score leans toward mainstream popularity.
  • Analyzes Your Top Artists & Genres: Obscurify Spotify breaks down your most-loved artists and the genres that dominate your playlists.
  • Recommends New Music: Get suggestions for undiscovered tracks and artists based on your current tastes.
  • Mood Analysis: Obscurify Spotify can identify the general mood of your playlists – are they cheerful, energetic, or on the mellow side?

How Does Obscurify Spotify Work?

Obscurify Spotify seamlessly integrates with your Spotify account. Here’s a simple breakdown:

  1. Connect: Visit the Obscurify website and connect your Spotify account.
  2. Analysis: Obscurify delves into your listening data, using Spotify’s API to identify patterns and preferences.
  3. Results: Within moments, you’ll get your personalized Obscurify report, full of fun statistics and revelations about your musical style.

How to Use Obscurify

Using Obscurify Spotify is straightforward. Visit the Obscurify Spotify website and log in with your Spotify account. The tool will then analyze your Spotify data and present you with your obscurity rating and other insights. You can explore various sections of the tool to understand your music taste in-depth, from your top genres and artists to the mood and decade breakdown of your listening habits.

How to Get the Most Out of Obscurify Spotify

Want to maximize your Obscurify Spotify experience? Here are some tips:

  • Connect Your Whole History: Ensure you’ve listened to a good amount of music on Spotify so Obscurify has a more comprehensive dataset to work with.
  • Explore Recommendations: Don’t just look at your score – check out the music recommendations generated by Obscurify. You might find your next favorite band!
  • Revisit over Time: As your tastes change, check back in with Obscurify to see how your Obscurity score and listening trends evolve.


Obscurify Spotify offers Spotify users a unique way to understand and appreciate their music taste. Whether you’re curious about how mainstream or niche your preferences are, or you’re looking for new music based on your current tastes, Obscurify Spotify provides valuable insights engagingly and interactively. So, if you’re a Spotify user looking to delve deeper into your musical identity, Obscurify is worth exploring.

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