Obscurify Spotify

Obscurify Spotify

Obscurify Spotify is a web application that doesn’t cost anything and its main goal is to provide you with detailed information on your Spotify listening history. Here’s what it does:

  • Evaluate Your Obscurity Score: Your Obscurity score is the central feature of the Obscurify Spotify. This rating shows you how much underground your taste is in relation to other Spotify users. The higher rating points to a preference towards the classics and the lower score tends toward modern popularity.
  • Analyzes Your Top Artists & Genres: This app reveals what artists you love the most and what genres dominate your playlist.
  • Recommends New Music: Receive recommendations on undiscovered tracks and artists that are related to your current preferences.
  • Mood Analysis: Is your playlist cheerful, energetic, or mellow? This web app easily answers this question.

How Does Obscurify Spotify Work?

Obscurify Spotify seamlessly connects with your Spotify account. Here’s a simple breakdown:

  1. Connect: Visit the Obscurify website and connect your Spotify account.
  2. Analysis: Obscurify looks into your listening data, utilizing Spotify’s API to identify patterns and preferences.
  3. Results: In no time, you’ll receive your report from Obscurify, all filled with interesting stats and findings about your musical taste.

How to Get the Most Out of It

Do you want your Obscurify Spotify experience to be maximized? Here are some tips:

  • Connect Your Whole History: Make sure that you have listened to enough music on Spotify so Obscurify has a larger dataset to use.
  • Explore Recommendations: Look not only at your score but also at the music recommendations that this app is generating. You may discover your next beloved band!
  • Revisit over Time: When your tastes change, come back to Obscurify Spotify and see how your obscurity score and listening trends change as well.


Obscurify Spotify provides a special way for Spotify users to realize and enjoy their music taste. The app offers an entertaining and interactive way to get helpful insights even when you are curious about the niche or mainstream nature of your tastes or you want to search for new music that fits your current preferences.

Thus, even though you are a Spotify user and you would like to look into your musical identity, this app is a good place to start.

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